Remember Me, Your Best Friend.

The spring weather is here and it's Great ! I know you are all out enjoying the walks in the evenings, the ice fishing, and the great out doors. I too am really enjoying  the warmer temperatures and the extra long sunshine each day. No more blizzards to chill me to the bones. No more snow banks that can bury a large truck. No more lonely days with no kids and others around. Yes the Spring is great, BUT, it's like you have forgotten me.

I could put up with the fact that you could not get to me every day when the weather was like a blizzard, and the temperatures were so cold.  But, don't forget me please. After all I'm your best friend.  I only need a little bit of love each day and then you can be on your way. All I want is a dry and clean place to lie down in. Straighten out the chain again so I can stretch my winter legs. A little bit of clean up would be nice too. I just cannot do it my self. If you move my chain a little to the south out of the big puddle from the spring thaw, shovel up the winter droppings, dig out my water dish for the hot days, I sure will know that you haven't forgot me then.

And Hey,  if I didn't mention it, Thanks from your best friend.