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All photographs and content copyright of the McLartys Rankin Inlet  Nunavut , Lethbridge Alberta. Use in any way with out written permission not allowed ©DMcLarty 2024

Kivalliq-the central region of Canada’s Nunavut Territory

Coral Harbour is an island community of approximately 700. The community is located on the southern section of Southampton Island. If you were to visit this island community you would experience the wonderful diversity of wildlife in and around the area. Caribou which were once on the brink of extinction on the island are now found in abundance, since the caribou herds started growing because there were no predators except for the local Inuit, wolves are now being spotted every now and then.Offshore there is an abundance of marine wildlife as well as Polar bears. Coates Island and walrus Island are just off the coast of Coral Harbour and they are filled with wildlife. The biggest and longest span of bridge is outside of Coral Harbour across the Kerchoffer River.

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