Arviat, formerly known as Eskimo Point is the Southern most Community in Nunavut. Dotted with shallow lakes, the land, rich in flora and fauna, is flat glacial terrain consisting of sandy low marsh, muskeg, and long tidal flats. Between June and August, it is the perfect nesting area for thousands of migratory birds. The McConnell River Bird Sanctuary, South of the community, is a good spot to view nesting pairs of geese, sandhill cranes, swans, ducks and loons. Nesting sites attract snowy owls, peregrine falcons and gyrfalcons. At any long tidal flat, swarms of sandpipers, plovers phalaropes, arctic terns, seagulls and jaegers can also be found, fiercely protecting their nests. Pods of beluga's can be viewed in the bays.

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Kivalliq-the central region of Canada’s Nunavut Territory

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